Happy July!🇺🇸 This time of year we try to spend as much time outside as possible. Not only is great for the kiddos and their development but it's great for my mood too!😃

You know what else is great for my mood? Plants!🌿I love planting them. I love walking by them. I love watering them. And I love decorating with them.🤓

My love of plants inspired this month's video where I show you how to build a cedar planter stand for about $6! 😍 It's a cheap, quick, and fairly easy project you can take on one evening or this weekend!

Another outdoor update we completed was painting our front handrails white. It simplified our home's entrance and made it look more polished and 'done' at the same time. I'm obsessed!
One thing I don't love this time of year is WEEDS! Nope. No thank you!

So I partnered with Exmark Mowers to share how to kill weeds without chemicals! You can click here to read my blog post with tips to use at your house!
Now I have a bit of news I haven't shared anywhere else yet. But it's something that excites me to no end and is a huge opportunity for my family. We are moving!
We haven't closed yet, but we've already got big plans for this beauty! Of course I'll be sharing all of the progress and projects on my site and on my Instagram! So keep following along!
This week we've been pushing hard to get our humble abode ready to sell. Would you be interested in some tips on getting your house ready to sell? Reply to this email to let me know and I'll get a blog post together on the topic!

I'm very sentimentally attached to our current home, a house I bought by myself at the age of 22. So I have to focus on all of the future memories and fun projects at the new house to keep from getting too sad!😥Change is hard but it can still be great!💕


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